Global investment holdings company



Real estate,  alluvial gold, MOTION PICTURE, mineral rights, oil contracts and more!

ORION DHC, Inc. is a global investor in projects ranging from alluvial gold mining to Hollywood film production. Our tract record speaks volumes of our company's ability to perform and exceed our investors expectations. We guarantee effective management and company survivability, no matter how difficult the regulatory environment may become. Your investment dollars are safe in the hands of ORION DHC, Inc. and it's dream team management of MBA's, masters, bachelors degree holders and trained geologists. The ORION DHC, Inc. reputation and history of successful company creation is the core of its upcoming limelight and expansive public exposure.



Our firm is leading the way on a global scale with regard to asset allocation and diversification. ORION DHC, Inc can and will explore,mine,create and ultimately develop the unthinkable.


The OODH division of AuVek Metals & Mining currently recovers gold (Au) , Copper (Cu), Silver (Ag) and other metals, for resale. AuVek is also exploring its vast mineral rights holdings within Nevada and Arizona for Lithium (Li), a lightweight metal used extensively in the manufacturing of electric automobile batteries. The CEO of OODH holds degrees in mathmatics, science disciplines and is a trained geologist, all of which benefit AuVek Metals & Mining.


ORION DHC, Inc. is a force to to be recon with. Our shareholder owned company is acquiring highly diverse sub-sets of value creating assets at breakneck speeds. Each engagement for a new accqusition, business venture, synergetic alignment or division subsidiary is always fully intended to benefit OODH shareholders networth, that is why we exist.